German courses

Please note(be advised):
A “2G proof” is required for participation (vaccinated or recovered)

When and where? 


  • We give lessons on Monday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m
  • The lessons take place in the community center (Poststr. 6a) and in the parish hall (Lange Str. 72).

Who is participating?


  • About 25 volunteers teach. 
  • Our students of different ages come mainly from the Arabic-Asian region, from Africa and from the Balkans.

How do we work? 


Our courses are characterized by:

  • Respect and humor
  • Willingness(Intention) to learn and help
  • Working in small groups


Who looks after the refugee children? 


  • Newly arrived children do not immediately get a place in kindergarten or school
  • You can come to the childcare of our course during the school days (and also during the school holidays) or take part in the lessons.

What does “…and more” mean?


With us, a German course is more than just a lesson! We don’t just sit in the “school room”, we also do a lot together

  • We hike and ride bikes. 
  • We do(go on) family trips
  • We cook, bake and sew together
  • We visit educational institutions in Spenge
  • We go to the cinema together
  • We visit companies in the region
  • We provide information and discuss in a wide variety of rounds of talks. 
  • We play board games
  • We go to concerts and museums
  • We cooperate with “Rad und Tat e.V. Herford
  • We attend club events and Spenge festivals.

We help and support with: 


  • Driving services and accompaniments (doctor, hospital, hearings, lawyer, accompaniment during the initial interview with an employer, etc.)
  • Supply of bicycles, clothing, crockery. 
  • Procurement of textbooks and notebooks
  • Furnishing of apartments. 
  • Furniture transport trucks. 
  • “Translation” of official letters
  • Specialist advice with the job center and Diakonie Herford