Numbers/ Facts/ Current situation

(Stand: Januar 2022)

asylum seekers and Migrants in the city of Spenge

There are currently 266 refugees living in Spenge, 165 male and 101 female refugees. Of the 266 refugees, 110 are minors and 156 are adults.

The admission rate according to the Refugee Admissions Act as of October 31, 2021) is 95.49%, which means that 2 more refugees could be assigned. In the case of recognized refugees, the quota is 47.33% fulfilled (as of October 17, 2021).

Of the 266 refugees, 86 are currently entitled to asylum, have refugee status or subsidiary protection. 29 refugees came to Spenge by way of family reunification. There is a ban on deportation for 41 people (mainly people from Afghanistan), 70 people are still in the process of taking legal action or are being tolerated because of obstacles to deportation. For 13 people, the asylum procedure has not yet been completed or a decision by the BAMF is still pending. 10 people have a residence permit according to Section 33 of the Residence Act (birth in Germany). 7 people came as part of the resettlement program (refugee status has already been determined). 10 other people have been granted a residence permit because of good integration and special qualifications for taking up work.



The single refugees in Spenge live in 9 different temporary homes in the city of Spenge. The majority of the refugees live in self-rented apartments and mainly as families with children. Approximately 75 more refugees could be accommodated in the places available in the municipal transitional homes.


Asylum seekers are entitled to benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act.

Single adults who are accommodated in a transitional home receive basic benefits for food, clothing, health care and household consumer goods, travel expenses €354/month (standard rate), married couples/person €318/month (standard rate), children depending on age (0-17 years) between €214 and €276/month (standard rate)

Many of the people who came to Spenge in 2015 now earn their own living through work.

Origin and causes of journey

The refugees in Spenge come from 23 nations, mainly from Syria (93), Afghanistan (38), Iraq (33), Nigeria (18), Turkey (14) and Lebanon (11)


The refugees come from 3 core areas of the world:


Arabic-Asian area: e.g. Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq,Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Pakistan


Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea, Eritrea


Balkan countries: Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo.


The reasons for fleeing are very different: war, political persecution, religious oppression, corruption, poverty, environmental crises.


The grounds for asylum are defined in the Geneva Refugee Convention. In addition, asylum laws regulate the residence and status of refugees in Germany. The people come from war and crisis areas and from the so-called safe countries of origin. A distinction is made between migrants and refugees. Migrants come for a better life perspective, refugees seek protection from persecution and death.