Team Asyl Spenge visits temple in Hamm

The Asyl Spenge association recently drove 48 people to the Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple in Hamm and to the Gasometer in Oberhausen.

At the Hindu temple in Hamm, whose history began with Sri Lankan refugees being accommodated in the nearby Unna-Massen refugee camp, the Tamil priest Siva Sri Arumugam Paskarakurukkal, under whose direction the temple was built in 2002, received the Spencer Group. Next to a temple in London, this building is the second largest Hindu temple in Europe. It is adorned not only by the large granite statue of the goddess who gives it its name, but also by more than 200 other figures of deities. In 2014, the towers were painted in the typical South Indian style.

The Spenger’s second target was the Oberhausen Gasometer. With a height of 117 meters and a diameter of just under 68 meters, it was Europe’s largest operational disk gas holder until 1988. Now it is an industrial monument. The current exhibition “The Fragile Paradise” shows nature and the influence of humans on their environment.